SLEEP, is it all just a phase?

Just when you think you’re on a roll, everything changes again!

Overall Ella’s sleep from birth has been pretty good, at first we couldn’t believe our luck with how well she slept, sleeping through apart from feeds quite young! I remember the health visitor saying “that will all change!” Not, well done or anything which annoyed us at the time but my god has it!

We got into a bit of a bad routine with Ella when she hit 4-5 months. We used to rock her to sleep in the day and feed her to sleep at night.
By 7 months we’d had enough, she was getting so heavy that our arms would be dead by time she fell asleep. Then we risked trying to put her down without waking her up or just sitting down with her on us which wasn’t ideal. Jack had it down to a t but was at work most of the time, one morning I was rocking her and she was fighting it so much and I looked over at jack and said what the hell are we doing!?

We decided to “sleep train” Ella and this fitted in well with the timing of her going into her own room. We went for the cry out approach but only for 5 minutes at a time as I couldn’t bare to hear her cry for any longer. It took a WHOLE month and during that time I text so many friends asking how they got their baby to sleep and how long it took and their words of encouragement honestly got me through. I just kept telling myself this won’t last forever.

After a month of putting Ella down AWAKE day and night in her cot in her own room we finally got there and she slept amazing and through the night again for a good few months, it was bliss but I didn’t want to jinx it as I know things soon change, needless to say, right now they have!

The last few weeks Ella has been waking up a lot more in the night than usual, it only takes us going in and using our settling method to get her back off but it’s still frustrating when we feel like she has a good solid routine in the day, naps at the same time most days and the same bedtime routine, what else could it be?

I’ve definitely been in that mood the last few days where I’m just like “what’s the point”. I work so hard to make sure she eats well, naps at the same time, is stimulated enough and still it doesn’t seem enough.

Admittedly a few times it’s been teething as after a few days she’s back to her normal sleeping but soon changes again. I’ve moaned to my friends this week about it and they’ve all been through the same but it still makes it so bloody hard!

This is what we’re doing so far, but if you have anything else you think could help please share with me below!

  • She is put down awake day and night and goes off really well in her cot
  • Her room is pitch black for day and night sleep
  • We play continuous white noise for all her naps and through the night
  • She had a dummy for sleeping up until 6 months, we then went cold turkey on the dummy as we found she was waking up in the night just for that and nothing else. (This was in preparation for sleep training)
  • The settling method we use to get her back off is placing our hand on her belly whilst whispering “shh”
  • We let her cry for at least a couple of minutes during the night if she cries out before going in to settle her
  • She has a Ewan the sheep we put on when she first goes down which she stares at as it has a red night light and sends her off to sleep.
  • Her bedtime routine is the same every single night (Bath, Book, Bottle, Bed)

I’d love to hear your routines and any tips you’ve learnt to get your baby sleeping through the night. I know deep down it might just be another ‘phase’ as I know she can sleep through, she’s done it before! But as always I’m so open to hearing what you do and any tips you may have.

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