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Naughty Breech Baby: When the Unexpected Happens

Naughty Breech Baby – When the Unexpected Happens

On the 17th July nine days before our planned c-section date, Jack and I were in bed watching Love Island, don’t laugh it’s our favourite haha. I felt a pop around my midriff and then what I can only describe as a tingly wave come over me. I said to Jack I felt funny but not ill or anything, then I started to feel a bit of trickling and my knickers were getting wet. I wasn’t really sure if my waters had broke as it wasn’t like what you see in the movies with a big splatter on the floor. I was quite calm and really surprised myself as we discussed what to do, normally I’m a bit dramatic but Jack had always said he thought I’d be the complete opposite when our baby was close to arrival.

I felt fine and we knew that if my waters had broken that I wouldn’t be delivering via natural birth so we didn’t want to go charging up the hospital if we didn’t need to, especially through the night to then sit there waiting for hours. We knew in the next 24 hours natural labour may come on but as I didn’t feel any pain we decided to try and get some sleep and call the hospital in the morning for advice and next steps.

Under normal circumstances you should always contact your midwife or maternity unit if you think your waters may have broken. The only reason we didn’t was because I was in no pain and knew if natural labour became an imminent factor we’d go straight in and prepare for what would be an emergency c-section.

We worked out by morning I’d roughly be 12 hours into what we thought was my waters breaking and we’d be going in at a nice time rather than through the night. I was tossing and turning all night and had some twinges of pain every 15 minutes or so, I guess this was very early stages of labour. It was all new to me and although I felt like I had a good idea of what was going on it was quite surreal to be laying in bed wondering if I’d be meeting my baby soon.

By the morning my twinges of pain were more frequent and a lot stronger each time, I was having to lean on things around the house for support when contractions came. It was clear my waters had broke the night before and I was in early labour, we rung the hospital by this point and they advised we went up there to be examined.

When I wasn’t straddling the banister with contractions, Jack and I were packing all the last little bits we needed. As mentioned in my previous posts, we’d already prepped the large majority of items a couple of weeks back so we were just racking our brains for anything else we may have missed. We were both so excited leaving the house knowing that all things being well, we’d probably be returning as a family of three.

We were seen quite quickly once we arrived at hospital and upon being examined they confirmed my waters had broken and our baby would be arriving today! I’d like to say our smiles were just pure excitement when we were told we’d be meeting our baby that day, you spend months and months waiting to welcome your baby into the world and then you’re told today is the day.

The midwife who examined me was lovely and kept me calm throughout, she was teasing us by guessing whether we were having a boy or girl. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know we chose not find out as we wanted this to be a surprise, she thought we either had a really excitable boy or a laid back little girl from listening to the heartbeat. Jack and I had the giggles from this point onwards, I think nerves were definitely starting to mix in with our excitement, things were moving pretty quickly, I think I probably used the phrase ‘oh my god’ about 138483 times during a couple of hours that morning.

We text our parents to bring them up to date and told them our baby was making an appearance earlier than expected, Jacks parents were in Spain on holiday, they’d always joked that they hoped our baby didn’t arrive whilst they were out the country!

We then went to the delivery suite and our expectation was that I would be prepped for theatre. Whilst we were waiting for a doctor to come in and advise us on what would happen next, I was back and forth with my mum about whether she should come up to the hospital but I knew she’d feel helpless waiting around as she couldn’t be in theatre with me so she decided to go and do her hair appointment and come up after.

To be honest, the next 15 – 20 minutes were a bit stressful for a couple of reasons;

One – When the doctor did come in and introduce himself he was about to start examining me, at first I thought this was part of the process but Jack quickly realised he was about to perform the same examination that I’d just had a few minutes ago in the midwife unit! Thankfully Jack spoke up and said this had already been performed, there was a lot of confusion that followed as my notes hadn’t been updated so Jack insisted he go to the midwife unit and ask in person. We didn’t want anything unnecessary to be performed for obvious reasons. Eventually the doctor came back and agreed that an examination wasn’t needed.

Two – After initially being told our baby would be arriving today in the midwife unit because my waters had broke, we were then given the news from the doctor that because I wasn’t quite 38 weeks, they were debating keeping me in for two days on steroids. The reason for this is that a babies lungs are not considered fully functioning until around 37 weeks but every baby develops at different rates so they like to be safe and get to 38 weeks if they can. It was quite a hard pill to swallow after getting so excited thinking I’d finally get to see the baby I’d been carrying for 9 months.

At this point we did admittedly try and dispute this option and said we’d like go home rather than stay at the hospital as we literally lived a 2 minute drive away and could easily rush back up if there was any emergencies. We also queried how delaying for two days was possible if my waters had already broken 12 hours ago as you can be prone to infection and natural labour was already giving me relatively strong contractions. Whilst all this was going on we were frantically updating our parents again with every little detail.

The doctor left to discuss the options again with his team for a few minutes and returned to say they’d decided to go ahead with the delivery that day! We were relieved and thrilled to hear they’d come to this decision. We asked if he knew roughly when we’d be in theatre, expecting a good few hours if not most of the day to be honest. He replied “within the next hour”, we was completely taken by surprise, we’d gone from maybe waiting two days to being told expect to deliver your baby in the next 60 minutes!

Jack sprinted to the car to get all of our bits out whilst I was being prepped, it was such a whirlwind but looking back I’m so glad it happened this way because I didn’t have time to over think anything. Our parents must have been having kittens each time they heard from us, although I was moments away from being in theatre, Jack and I seemed to take everything in our stride. I had a steroid injection in my bum which hurt quite a bit, Jack had to put my compression socks on which is no small task as they’re ridiculously tight! Then we had to gown up and at this point we took some pictures and everything seemed really calm amongst the quick turnaround.

The time had come, I loved being pregnant and 9 months felt like an eternity of time to wait but now, suddenly I was ready for theatre, is it really as scary as you might expect? In my next addition to the series I’ll be writing all about my experience in the theatre room, don’t worry I’ll spare you any gory details!

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