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Naughty Breech Baby: The First Night In Hospital

Naughty Breech Baby – The First Night In Hospital

The trip down to the postnatal ward was an interesting one, I remember looking at Jack once we got to the ward rolling my eyes and giving him evils because the staff hadn’t exactly wheeled me down carefully. I felt like I was bumped into pretty much everything along the corridors possible, my stomach had flipped and I was feeling quite sick by time we’d got to my room. A bit of water and some anti sickness tablets soon had me feeling a bit more human again though.

Once I’d made myself as comfortable as I could and we’d got a few minutes to ourselves, we obviously wanted to let our parents know Ella had arrived and we were both doing well. We hadn’t contacted them for nearly two hours so we had quite a few messages on our phones once we had a look. My mum had been to every ward possible looking for us, the midwife unit, delivery ward and back again, she must have missed us by minutes when I went down to theatre. Rather than letting her know we were in the postnatal ward, Jack decided to go down to the hospital entrance where she was waiting and surprise her, typically she was in the toilet when Jack went down to find her, I think they just about managed to hold it together when they finally found each other.

There are specific visiting hours as with most hospitals but Jack managed to sneak my mum in for a few minutes, the emotion that came over me when mum opened the curtain to see us both, it’s an amazing moment when you can introduce your baby to your parents. We still hadn’t told her if we’d had a boy or girl so she was obviously eager to find out, she knew we liked the name Ella so was pleased once we told her we’d had a girl. After a quick cuddle mum left and would come back later at visiting time with dad.

We had a few hours by ourselves once mum left as visiting hours weren’t until late afternoon and Ella was born at 11:53am, I knew after having my c-section that I wasn’t going to be very mobile if at all but I think I underestimated really how little I could move in those first few hours after surgery. Whilst in the recovery ward naturally all I wanted to do was hold my baby and spend the next few hours having a cuddle with her, this is when it hit me hard that I couldn’t even stretch over to the cot to lift Ella up. Jack had to pass her to me every time I wanted a hold, he probably held her more in those first few hours than I did, it’s the little things you don’t think about like pouring a drink, leaning to get something from your bag, it all seemed impossible to me and I spent most of the time shuffling from one bum cheek to the other to stop them going numb.

During these hours to ourselves I was encouraged to try and get Ella to latch on and feed her, I remember the midwife saying to me that Ella was hungry when she arrived and that as soon as I was able to I should give it ago. Ella went straight onto my boob with no issues at all, it felt amazing and I couldn’t believe how well she was doing, Ella continued to feed pretty well throughout our stay in hospital.

Things didn’t stay that way, keep your eye’s peeled for something in the next few weeks all about feeding, until then, back to hospital

The time came for Ella’s first nappy change, it’s very well known that a babies first few number two’s are black with a tar-like consistency, Jack had a lovely time dealing with this as it was easier for him to change and manoeuvre Ella in the cot, I could only watch which I’m quite glad about. Jack was pulling all sorts of faces it was quite funny really, it’s very sticky but considering how bad it looks it doesn’t smell bad at all for the first few days, it was all good practice as Jack knew he’d be doing a lot in the first few weeks whilst I was recovering.

By late afternoon we were able to welcome family in to say hello to Ella, it was still setting in that she was ours and having people in to see her was just amazing. We were in a ward with other families which was nice when you peered round your curtain to see other mums in the same boat as you, it gave me a real sense of comfort actually.

Your first night with your baby is quite surreal, especially being in a completely different environment like a hospital, we kept peering over into the cot staring at our new baby and it’s the best feeling ever. No one had ever said it to me before but Jack and I both spent a lot of the night checking Ella was breathing, it’s something you’ll likely worry about for months and months (we still do now). Poor Jack had a reclining chair to try and get comfortable on bless him, we wasn’t expecting a peaceful night and as I couldn’t help with getting Ella whenever she cried, Jack was probably out of the chair more than he was in it really.

Something we wasn’t so prepared for was something we aptly called ‘the man that snored all night’, we had a family opposite us who had also just had their baby and of course like all babies there was a lot of crying going on, from what we could hear I think she was struggling with feeding bless her. Thats to be expected, the Dad somehow managed to sleep through all the crying through the night, when I say sleep I mean really sleep, he snored the whole time! We couldn’t believe it, his partner didn’t seem overly bothered even though she was dealing with an unsettled baby most of the night and he wasn’t helping at all, at one point he was even asleep on her bed and she was on the chair!

The whole night was a blur if I’m honest, we were all exhausted by morning and I knew the day ahead held a lot of challenges. That’s all for this part of my hospital stay, find out how the day unfolded in part 2 which will be live in the coming days.

Until then, let me know how your hospital experience was post birth.

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