Naughty Breech Baby Series

Naughty Breech Baby: The First Night In Hospital Part 2

Naughty Breech Baby – The First Night In Hospital Part 2

Having had a my c-section between 11am and 12 midday I didn’t attempt to stand up until the next morning once the catheter had been removed, all I can say is ouch! I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t too painful because for me it was, I surprised myself at managing to actually get up less than 24 hours after surgery and walk to the bathroom to have a shower.

When I say walk, I mean bent over and taking the smallest steps possible but I was so proud of myself, I was scared to wash my hair in the shower as I didn’t want to reach up with my arms and stretch my stomach area. Just moving one foot in front of the other sent twinges through my body and I was in no way shape or form in a rush to get moving quickly but I felt pleased I had got up and got over the first hurdle of moving.

The midwives like you to have at least three normal wee’s in a 12 hour period before allowing you to leave hospital as long as everything else is ok, I really wanted my own bed and Jack was itching for us to settle in at home with all our comforts. Jack definitely had cabin fever in the ward confined to our small squared off curtain area and he didn’t want to leave me and go home for a shower or anything. So once we knew a few wee’s would mean potentially going home, Jack was getting me to drink as much water as I could from that moment on.

I assumed the first wee after my c-section would be fine, I suppose I thought because there was no damage down below why wouldn’t it be, I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I eventually went to go for a wee I just froze, my bladder was so full but I just couldn’t push anything out, I tried for ages but if anything it was making it harder to go. I don’t think the fact I had to pee into a bowl was helping at all, this is so the midwife can weigh it and check the colour for anything that doesn’t look normal.

I went back to Jack feeling frustrated, after speaking to other mums weeks later I found out that after you have a catheter removed, your bladder can spasm which can make it difficult to wee, I wasn’t aware of this at all. After another hour of downing water I finally managed to go and there was zero pain, it was such a relief as my bladder was so full by this point, it was probably the longest wee ever I couldn’t stop going. Once I managed to get the first one over with I just kept taking on water and managed another two later that day which is what they ask for, so all being well we was discussing leaving that afternoon.

On average a hospital stay after having a c section is around 3 to 4 days compared to a vaginal birth which is 1 to 2 days, so I wasn’t expecting to leave anytime soon let alone just over 24 hours after surgery. I was fully prepared to be there a few days at the very least but I’d had my catheter out, had been for three wee’s which were given the ok, had been up on my more than I thought I would be and Ella was feeding well.

There’s no pressure to go home or stay after surgery, depending on whether there’s any complications, the time spent in hospital differs for everyone. Some mothers may not feel ready to go home or need extra help with their baby and feel safer being in hospital which is absolutely fine. 

I felt comfortable to leave as the midwives were happy with my progress and knew I had Jack and family to help me at home, but one thing I was a bit nervous about was the fact I had to have blood thinner injections every day to help prevent blood cots. We were shown how to do them and I decided there and then that Jack would do them for me as I’m a bit squeamish, I still didn’t like the thought of Jack doing them but they had to be done.

For some reason a wheelchair to get to the car never came to us as a good idea when leaving, no one offered us one so we just walked there, I soon found out all my other friends who had c-sections were offered a wheelchair to the carpark! It took us 40 minutes to walk from the ward to our car when usually it’s a 5 minute walk, I was laughing and crying all at the same time it was like a marathon to me, I think it was at this point Jack realised just how little I was going to be able do for a while.

You’re not allowed to leave the hospital unless your baby is in a car seat, so Jack was carrying Ella, all of our bags and all of the presents whilst I waddled behind him holding nothing except my scar as I was worried about knocking it, we’ll never forget that walk!

As I like to put it, getting through the hospital stay is very much the first hurdle, I couldn’t wait to get home and begin life with our baby. 

I wanted to finish this series of blogs off by firstly saying thank you to my lovely followers that have supported me and continue to be a part of the ForYouMummas Family.

You’ve been asking me since the beginning of my blogging journey to share more of my experience and recovery after my c-section so I’ve done exactly that.

I’ve been working on this exciting project for some time now as I wanted to make something personal, something that will help other Mums on their recovery journey and that you can all really relate to.

It’s not finished yet… but it will be very soon.

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