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A guest post from Alanna Jenkins – “The inner workings of an anxious mama”

I am so excited to tell you we have our third guest post on ForYouMummas, “The inner workings of an anxious mama” by the lovely Alanna Jenkins.

Alanna mother of 2 year old Jameson writes about her struggles with anxiety during motherhood and what she does to overcome this on a day to day basis.

Naughty Breech Baby Series

Naughty Breech Baby: The First Night In Hospital Part 2

Having had a my c-section between 11am and 12 midday I didn’t attempt to stand up until the next morning once the catheter had been removed, all I can say is ouch! I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t too painful because for me it was, I surprised myself at managing to actually get up less than 24 hours after surgery and walk to the bathroom to have a shower.

Naughty Breech Baby Series

Naughty Breech Baby: The big scary (not so scary) theatre room

Jack and I were smiling at each other walking down to the theatre room, I couldn’t take Jack seriously all gowned up.
We were understandably nervous but also quite relaxed compared to how I thought I would feel.
It’s quite a strange feeling to know you’re walking down to theatre, I had a few people on shift wishing me well as I walked past, it’s not how I imagined at all but I suppose they’re doing their best to make things seem as normal as they can.