A little bit about me…

Originally this started as something to feel productive and literally keep me from sitting in my comfy’s on the sofa whenever my little one was having a nap.  Blogging my pregnancy experience and life with a newborn for fun and something they could one day read.

If like me you –

  • Love to hear or share a story
  • Are always searching for parenting tips
  • Enjoy reading about other mums experiences 
  • Relish a good food/weaning recipe
  • Appreciate relatable mishaps & parenting disasters

For You Mummas is exactly that! You’ll find honest, funny, real and emotional blogs as well as polls, little debates and a place to share thoughts. As parents we fill our heads with questions everyday, is my baby sleeping ok? Why is my baby not napping? Should I start weaning my baby yet? Is my baby developing enough?

For You Mummas is here to try and answer some of those questions for you. These are just tips and stories from my own experience, I am not giving professional advice and I’m certainly not saying what is right or wrong. So grab a hot drink, sit down and enjoy the read!

Georgia x