A teething baby is so much fun: Said no mum ever

Teething, that subject I think all mums must discuss at some point during motherhood. It’s a bit like when you’re pregnant and you don’t know how your body will react, the same goes for your little one and their toothy pegs.

Some babies are absolutely fine and teething doesn’t really phase them at all. Whereas others can really struggle  and be moody little moos whilst that tooth is cutting through.

Don’t you think it’s funny how all these teeth come through causing your babies to have sleepless nights, go off their food, be fussy and irritable with everything you do, for them to just fall out again and grow their adult teeth.

Touch wood, Ella hasn’t been too bad and currently has 4 teeth, 2 bottom and 2 top. Sometimes she has a bad week where she’s showing all those signs above I just mentioned and we’re convinced a tooth is on it’s way and then it doesn’t show for ages!

Some things we have found to have helped during these fun times are listed below for you, honestly some have worked wonders!

Place some teething toys in the freezer and give them to your baby throughout the day to chew and suck on. We use @mambaby_uk Bite & Brush Teether.

Ice lollies are my friend! We fill these with water, fruit or yoghurt and Ella absolutely loves the coldness on her gums, we use @nubyuk fruitsicles.

Ashton and Parsons (@ashtonandparsons) teething powder! I know this doesn’t work for everyone but this has been a godsend for us, up to one sachet of this at a time and Ella becomes so much more settled and less irritated, especially before bed!

If your baby is above 6 months or started the weaning process then a nice cold piece of cucumber or strawberry for your baby to hold and chew on gives them that lovely relief.

Lastly if your baby wants more milk, let them! Ella tends to go off her food and prefers some cold milk when her gums are hurting so on these days I just let her have milk whenever really! .
So there we go, a few teething tips, hope this helps.

Let me know your go to tips for teething in the comments below! Like any mum I’m all about hearing how to make my life easier when it comes to those teeth!

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